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Surf Dory Gallery

Paul Gartside, American Red Cross Life Saving Corps, 20-foot Surf Dory. It is symmetrical fore and aft and can be launched and rowed in either direction by one or two oarsmen. This boat is perfect for open ocean or bay transit by one or two rowers, with room for passengers, dogs, and gear.

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Port Sorell 16

The Port Sorell 16 is a skiff for rough waters having generous freeboard and fairly full sections fore and aft. This means, that for her type, she is a good load carrier and can be rowed single or double. For those wanting a good general purpose rowing skiff for use also as a tender or fishing boat, she is an excellent choice.

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20 foot Surf Dory

20-foot Surf Dory is a modified version of the Surf Dory designed and built for Quan Lee; owner of The Crab Hut restaurants in San Diego, Calfornia. This boat is hanging over the bar area in his Crab Hut restaurant in the Mira Mesa area of San Diego.

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White Water Dory

White Water Dory was designed and built by me, Kevin White. Of the Briggs style, this boat is made with marine grade plywood and ash gunwales. There are 8 generous, water tight compartments. I built the two center compartments to accommodate two 165 quart coolers. There is plenty of room to provision a single boat trip with 4 people that would include all the gear you would need for a multi-day trip. I also included a self-bailing electric bilge system that drained the boat in seconds.

I will work with you to design the interior to your needs, whether it’s whitewater, bay or lake rowing or fishing.

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Glouster Light Dory

Designed by Philip C. Bolger, the 15′ 6″ Gloucester Light Dory is fast, seaworthy, and a delight to row. I built this boat, with 30 of my students, for a fundraiser for the school I worked at, at the time.

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Elegant Rocker

Sam Maloof inspired of Scott Morrison design, the Elegant Rocker. This piece is made of African Mahogany and employs Sam Maloof joinery. There are no screws in this piece. I built this for my daughter and her newborn son. I can build this same chair using any hardwood you desire. Someday, I would like to make this chair out of Zebra Wood.

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